October 20th, 2008


Opening Chapter Fixed (version 3)

So, last month I added about 3000 words to my opening chapter. I talked about it here. Well, as I've been continuing happily along with my WIP it turns out I wasn't done with the first draft of the book's opening just yet.

As I am preparing to write a back story novel for NaNoWriMo to flesh out the plot for one of my current WIP's viewpoint characters, I've taking a little bit of a break from my WIP to make notes on the back story. And there came my WIP's opening chapter pushing its way back into the forefront gently, at first, then a bit less kindly.

So, I've now added another 1200 words to the new part of the opening and I think this addition really does the trick. I finally managed to add in that one thing that was missing: that moment when the reader knows this is something different. I've known it was missing but figured I would figure out what to do later on, most likely in draft 2.

It's nice that my own subconscious or muse (whatever one refers to it) decided not to wait.

I know the opening will need some editing and tweaking of a word or sentence here or there. However, I think I finally have the opening I've been looking for.

Word count update:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,622 / 100,000