January 18th, 2008


Some progress

So, since I decided to write chunks of scenes for each POV character to reshape Part One of Book One I've been waiting to see which character would step up and demand to go first. And so, one has.

1661 words yesterday. Not too bad as a start. This character (the current reluctant duchess) has a couple more chapters before she makes the crucial decision to head north full into the face of prophecy. She has a decision to make, deciding between two sons. I already know the decision she will make as the story won't work right without it, but it will be interesting as I am now laying the groundwork for why she chooses the way she does. Considering not all of the reasons for her choice are selfless it will give me something to really put her through the emotional ringer over when the son she leaves behind finds himself forced into exile and traded for others' security.