September 30th, 2007


Chapter 12 is done

Finally! It took a while of thinking about how to handle this scene, but, as usual, once I started back up where I left off, the rest of the scene came to me. What I really like is I've ended the scene at a place where I have the option to introduce a major place and player in the whole series or simply bypass his introduction until later in the book.

I like having the scene set up so that I can do the introduction right here or later. Whatever will end up working better.

Anyway, I still have a decent amount of chapters to write, but I am closing in on finishing the opening act of the book.


After finishing chapter 12 I realized I had to choose which plotline to return to. In thinking about it, and rereading chapter 11, I realized that Chapter 11 wasn't finished and I had ended the chapter too early. So, I just added a couple more pages. And I think there are a few more to go to finish chapter 11. Its important information that needs to be added. I realized that it needs to be shown in chapter 11 and not as the beginning of the next chapter with that POV character.