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A little progress

In my recent post here I mentioned an unexpected mystery has inserted itself into my WIP, causing one of my POVs to come to a crashing halt.

Since then, my mind finally revealed the Who. However, I still need to figure out the Why and What For?

Some progress at least. Knowing the Who helps tremendously as I can now delve into their back-stories to come up with the Why and What For.

My POV is still sitting around, tapping her foot in frustration, watching while the other two POVs get to keep having fun, but I feel confident I'll unravel the rest of this mystery soon enough. Then comes the task of going back through what exists of the WIP to build up hints towards this.

Since one of the Who is one of the other POV characters, all of his scenes will need revamping. I've left an entire, absolutely critical dynamic out of the story that must be added in. Since this dynamic is at the heart of this POV character's motivations, I can't believe I didn't think to include it directly.

This is one of the traps of world building. There I was thinking I needed to figure out how to work in this particular aspect when all along it was this POV who would be the perfect vehicle for this.

Funny how the mind works -- or in this case, doesn't!

At least I've caught it early, thanks in part to the unexpected mystery.

On a side note, I've decided to keep track of my walking the way some authors are doing. Since I'm not a woman I can't exactly call it the Eowyn Challenge, even though that's what it's based upon. But I figured if I post the miles here it might motivate me to keep on target. Anyway:

Miles to Crickhollow: 2.11
Tags: mysteries, worldbuilding, writing

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