cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

World building block? Not really, but...

So, an unexpected mystery has popped up in my WIP. And it's a mystery I really need to solve in order to keep writing one of my POV characters as this mystery will come to dominate her storyline.

It would be nice to simply tell myself that I don't need this mystery, but it really fits, and ties into a couple of other books I plan to write in this same second world universe. So, now I'm trying to figure out how this will fit in this story. Hopefully it will reveal itself soon.

One cool side effect of this is how it has really made me take a look at a character I haven't really thought about too much in terms of his past. As he is directly connected to this mystery I get to flesh his back-story out (and his brother's as well). Hopefully during that process the mystery will unravel itself so I will be able to work it into the book.

I can keep moving forward with the other two POV characters since it will be a while before this POV character reunites with the other two.

Another cool side effect is, while vacationing at Hershey Park earlier in the week, while trying to think about this mystery while waiting on line, I did come up with an idea for another book. Oddly, this book is a fantasy/mystery, which would be something entirely new for me to attempt as I've never written or been inclined to write a mystery. It occurs to me this could have something to do with this current mystery not coming to me so easily.

Are there mysteries out there in an epic fantasy setting? I guess I should take a look around.
Tags: mysteries, worldbuilding, writing

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