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Though I haven't sat down to read through the first quarter of my WIP (that's what the weekend will be for) I already am aware of a key missing element:


I'm 25,000 word in and only at about 24,000 words did I even mention a critical aspect of power and life that infuses the second world setting. And I have yet to mention the other half of this very thing. I know I will have to correct this as this element is at the very heart of some of the conflicts.

There are also other important aspects about the history of the universe and the actual planet this story takes place upon that need to be relayed to the reader.

I'm going to have to figure this out. I don't want to use flashbacks as that vehicle won't work for imparting this information. Also, since I am writing this in a tight 3rd person narrative I, as author, cannot intrude to simply provide this information.

I may have to pop open the first couple of Martin's ASOIAF books (I'm nearly halfway through his 3rd book, savoring the story, taking my time) to see how he handled this. Since his POV perspectives are tight 3rd person I should be able to glean the process he used to ensure his back-story and world building still took place.

For me one of the difficult things to figure out is which of my current 3 POV characters would be inclined to be thinking about or doing something directly related to or witnessing someone else doing something directly related to all of the things I need to impart.

I suppose that is what I really need to figure out first: Which POV character will be used to relay which back-story and world building information to the reader? Then I should be able to figure out how to use them to get this info to the reader.

So, I know already some tasks I will have for Draft 2. For now, I will continue onward with Draft 1. I will simply assume the reader will be aware of certain things by this point and not worry about re-back-storying (I don't think that is a word, but why not?) and just make sure I slide the info in later in the re-write.

Here's an interesting article by faithhunter over at a pretty cool blog hosted by faithhunter, madkestrel, davidbcoe and mizkit
called Magical Words where she discusses how skillfully inserting back-story is a lot like lasagna.

Does adding back-story and world building cause you fits?
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