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back from the city and back to writing...

Manhattan was awesome as always. There's nothing like sitting in an outdoor cafe on 2nd Avenue at 2 in the morning just watching everyone going by. I spent the whole time with family and really enjoyed my time.

I also saw the new Batman movie. I really enjoyed it. Heath Ledger's performance was exceptional. Anyone who ever portrays the Joker in the future will be measured against this performance. I've read many complaints about the dearth of female characters, and while that is an absolutely valid issue here, I still think Ledger's performance alone is worth seeing the movie.

Anyway, back home, back to work (network admin) and back to writing at night, working on my WIP. I'm still shooting for 25,000 words by the end of this month but it looks like I'll make that by this coming weekend instead of by Thursday.

The WIP is progressing. Today was one of those odd writing moments when something pops into your head as you are writing a sentence and you put it down on paper (or on screen) and it opens up a new critical plot point, or solidifies the reasoning for an existing plot point.

I still don't know why this important tidbit popped up out of nowhere and it will take a while to figure it out, but it will really add to the motivations of the initial antagonists and will no doubt be the cause of future hours of speculation on my part as to why this thing is the way it is.

Time for my word count update.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,589 / 100,000

On a final note, spending time with my sister this weekend has reinforced my need to make sure the characters' decisions are influenced properly not only by their own personalities but by their family dynamics as well.
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