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update and the weekend...

I'm heading into the city* tomorrow morning for the weekend. Besides a trip to the botanica I'm not sure what else I'll manage to do. The new X-Files movie comes out tomorrow. Saturday night is the Cotto vs. Margarito fight and I know someplace will be showing it. I guess I'll end up doing whatever my sister is up for (which most likely means the Cotto fight).

Anyway, not sure if I'll get to any more writing tonight, which means no writing this weekend.

Progress meter update:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,093 / 100,000

Not a bad short week's worth of writing for me, considering there's the full-time IT job that happened to include a middle of the night software update.

I can feel 20,000 coming fast. I'm shooting for 50,000 25,000 words (I just realized there will only be 4 days left of the month by the time I'm back from the city, not a week plus) by the end of the month, which is quite ambitious for me considering the aforementioned IT job. I think I can do it. It all really depends upon the story itself.

*by the city, being a New Yorker, I mean NYC, and by NYC I mean Manhattan.
Tags: first novel, nyc, wip, writing

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