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How many POV characters does a story need?

So, I'm making decent progress on my WIP, nearing the end of the opening Act of the book. At this point I have 3 POV characters. Each is fast heading towards events that will imperil them and cause them to make choices that will stay with them the rest of their lives. For now, the three are enough to tell this story.

Yet, as I begin to think about Act 2 of the book, that middle that can be long moving the characters from dire situations to dire situations, heaping on the punishment, daring them to give up, I'm wondering if I will need to expand the view of the story and add any other POV characters.

It is a possibility. I'm toying with making the current antagonist a POV character. He's an interesting fellow, a bit different from his own people, who are quite foreign to my main characters. I just don't know enough about him or his culture yet for him to be a POV character at this moment in the book. I'm learning about him as one of my current POV characters learns about him. Though he would make for quite an interesting POV as he is an outsider and can give the reader a different view of the land and people I am presenting most of the story from.

Also, one of the knights may work as a POV character. He will probably be a POV character in one of my later books as he plays an important role in future events. It all boils down to what I need the reader to experience directly and whether or not my current POV characters will be in the right places at the right times to accomplish all of this.

One question I ask myself is: If my POV characters aren't covering enough scope of the critical story, do I add a POV character to cover this or am I not telling the story properly? Have I gotten away from these 3 characters too much?

I don't have an answer for that yet, nor do I feel I need one at this time.

To any writers of multiple 3rd person POV stories:

How do you know when you have enough POV characters to tell your story? How do you know when you have the right POV characters to tell your story?
Tags: craft, pov

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