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The WIP continues

So, after glancing through the 7100 words from my long ago written incarnation of my current WIP I started in on reworking in those scenes (backwards since the protagonist and the crown prince are riding back from the southern docks as opposed to riding towards them).

I finally got to bring back one of my favorite secondary characters, introducing him into the plot. In doing so, I stumbled upon how I am going to take what I need from that chunk of earlier writing and shape it into this WIP. Progress has already been made as I now know just what challenge my protagonist and the crown prince will face until the really big moment later in the book that changes the lives of all those involved.

So, time for another progress meter. I actually managed to write a decent amount since the other night.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,329 / 100,000

Not too bad considering I've barely touched upon the 7100 old pages. Based upon the new sub-plot that directly affects the main plot I realize I will end up using next to nothing of those 7100 pages, other than reusing the characters in them.

Its been a good day of writing. And, thanks to some recommendations on excellent female fantasy characters, I've new authors and books to explore in the near future.
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