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Finding a character's voice

So, the duchess has embarked on her ill-fated mission. I have a feeling much of this chapter will eventually change as I develop this foreign culture she heads towards. Also, I'm still trying to figure the duchess herself out.

She's gone through many variations over the years since I first came up with her character. Her overall fate has remained the same throughout all this time but she remains an elusive person even now. I know I will eventually find out her true personality and how to present that to the reader. This journey she is embarking on is a new plot development. Perhaps by taking her completely out of her element I'll learn who she really is and how best to portray her.

I suspect there will quite a lot of rewriting for this WIP. I don't mind though. Finishing the story right is more important than finishing the story quick.

Have you ever had a character that has proved extremely elusive, taking multiple drafts of a story or even drafts from different stories to finally flesh out?
Tags: characterization, first novel, wip, writing

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