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Where does a chapter end?

So, I'm still working on the first chapter where my main female protagonist holds the POV. I like what I've written so far. I'm hoping the tension is there for the reader, however. There isn't a lot going on other than them arriving at the main castle to deliver bad news, but I have sprinkled the chapter with references to a proposal to the duchess which I have so far kept from the reader.

Anyway, there is still a lot left of this scene to write. Gaining an audience with her uncle, the ruler of the Isle, and delivering the news of possible invaders from the sea. The question is, should I continue this scene in this chapter with this POV or should I end the chapter and switch back to the main protagonist POV? I think I need a reread to see if I am at a point where I can make the chapter break.

And as I'm typing this the whole subplot for the duchess just popped into my head. I know where she starts out and where she ends in this book but I've been sort of stuck with what happens to her in between. And now I know. I'm going to have to spend my free time later thinking about this subplot, letting it rattle around and see where it leads.

The new question now is: Who accompanies her on this journey? Does the main protagonist? Or will this be where they part ways? My main character (a 15 year old squire soon to be knighted) needs to end up protecting the lord prince's son and heir at some point soon. If he goes off with the duchess I don't know how I can get him back to where he needs to be when everything goes awry.

More to think about. Oh well. I started this post wondering where I was going to end my current chapter and ended up with my mind running off with a new subplot to hash out.


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Jun. 29th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
I agree with these. Normally ending a chapter is a simple thing for me. I think, after giving it more thought, the question I'm really asking myself is: through which character's eyes do I want to introduce the ruler of the Isle?

Once I figure that out I'll know whether this chapter ends or continues.
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