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The importance of distance

So, I did manage to write the next scene where I introduce another major character (the main female character in the book) before I had to fly back down to Alabama, coordinate the moving of all our stuff and then the fly back to await the arrival of said stuff.

And in the course of the month that has gone by since I actually could sit back down and re-read the new scene I worried about whether or not it was working. I mean, yes, I introduce an important character and her relationship with the protagonist, but the entire scene is a conversation between 3 people in a tent, with my protagonist simply witnessing, since he is the squire to the knight in the scene and therefore spends the bulk of the scene refilling the knight's cup.

So, I pondered whether or not I should scrap the scene and re-write it with the female as the POV character (something which she will be at some point in the book).

But then today, I finally actually sat down and pulled up the scene to give a read-through. And I discovered I quite like it. It does work. I introduce the female character and introduce an aspect of the main protagonist's character that increases the impact of the scene. I discovered that I had been interrupted mid-sentence and found myself able to easily continue to the conclusion of the scene.

Also, what I like about the scene is the dialog can be tweaked in re-writes if I decide I need to impart more information or less information without hurting the overall scene.

I'm glad I actually waited and gave this scene the distance it needed for me to see that it actually was working.

Now I think the next scene will be the one where the female becomes a POV character as well.

I've already some good ideas on how to build from this scene, especially with her stepping in with POV duties for a chapter or two.
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