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Moving Day!!!

Finally, after living in a hotel mostly since late February, all of our possessions have arrived at our new place. First thing for me when I get out of work is to locate my manuscripts and make sure they made it in one piece. Second will be hooking up the TV and stereo system. Then it's on to the filling up my bookcases once more.

No internet connection until Thursday, but we still have our hotel room until then, so at least I won't be cut off from the world completely once outside of work.

I'm really looking forward to sitting back down at my desk (well, once I buy a new, smaller one) and diving back into draft one of my current WIP.

It's been a while. I've written a bit on my laptop, but I've found writing while in a hotel room far less comfortable. I suppose it has to do with me having to deal with how the hotel room is set up rather than me being able to set a room up to best suit my needs.

Anyway, my weekend will be quite busy, a combination of unpacking and finding a place for things and unpacking and saying "why in the world did I not throw this away?" followed by tossing or donating it (if donate-able).
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