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So, I should be tens of thousands of words into my novel by now but life has that funny way of interrupting things. I've spent the past 3 weeks in western New York, helping the company I work for get a new site up and running. (I'm a Network Admin so you can imagine how busy those 3 weeks were.)

Now that I am back home my writing time will be little. My fiance and I have been asked to transfer permanently to the new site and we are going to go for it. I'm currently down here in the deep South (southern Alabama) and am really looking forward to going home to New York. It isn't the City* but it is only a few hours drive away. My fiance will most likely be going up ahead of me. She will be tasked with finding a place to rent and I will be tasked with packing and moving. She definitely has the better end of the deal here.

So, writing time will be scarce. But I will manage to squeeze in some time. This new opening of my novel is clamoring for attention so I know I will be giving it some.

*the City is: Manhattan.
Tags: life, moving

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