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So, I've finally managed to finish my character chapter, which should finish off her chapters for Part One. The chapter was sitting around 1400 words last week. Now, it is done (at least in a rough first draft incarnation done) coming in at just under 3500 words.

Overall, I'm now pleased with this character's involvement in Part One. She was the one who was sort of stuck with nothing to do while things were happening elsewhere. Since I decided to switch my normal writing style of writing from beginning to end over to writing chapters focusing only on one POV character (to be inserted between the other POV character chapters of Part One) her story has come alive.

Now, it is back to the initial antagonist and his quest. He's been sitting in unofficial imprisonment for a while now. Before I can move forward from there, I will need to go back to his previous chapters and rework them.

With that in mind, Part Two is finally beginning to rise over the horizon. That will be a challenge. I will be introducing about 3 more POV characters as the story broadens across 2 isles and one large - quite uncivilized - continent.
Tags: first novel, writing

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